Jack Bull, The

Jack Bull, The

Myrl Redding is a proud man. Proud to raise his family, proud to run his ranch, never too proud to help a friend.
When wealthy and influential landowner Henry Ballard sets up a toll gate and takes two of Redding's horses as deposit, Redding is angry. But when Ballard's henchmen abuse those horses, starving and beating them almost to death, Redding is enraged. He demands justice, and so begins a feud between two proud men, one in search of his rights, and one who believes those rights are his to buy, sell or ignore as he sees fit.
A personal feud becomes a war ...a war becomes a manhunt... and a manhunt becomes a trial that will lead to a bloody kind of justice.
At a time in the West when statehood is still a dream and justice comes with a price, one man must sacrifice everything he loves, for everything he believes in.

Price: AU$9.95

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Actor(s): John Cusack, John Goodman, L.Q. Jones

Director(s): John Badham

Year of Release: 1999 Running Time: 116 Minutes
Region: ALL REGIONS Video Format: PAL
Colour: Colour Aspect: 4:3
Will Play: Worldwide Excluding USA/Canada